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Yoga high

I've really been getting stuck into Bikram (hot yoga) over the last few weeks and I have to say, I am feeling incredible. I remember this feeling from last time I was really into it, and really don't know why I ever stopped.

I know a lot of purist yogis think the hot room thing is gimmicky and it's kind of 'packaged' yoga - but each to there own, this works for me at the moment. I do really like Vinyasa tool but there is no good Vinyasa studio close to here and there is a Bikram one, so that made that decision.

So yeah, I just feel really, really, really really good!

Work is going well. I have tomorrow (Friday) off, because I'm a contractor and I want to and I can. I'm house sitting a friends house in town for the weekend so gonna catch up with a few people in town which should be fun, although it means a whole weekend away from yoga - which actually bothers me somewhat now!

I know the highs like the lows and everything in between are impermanent. But that's ok. It's good to know and it's good to accept what is going on right now, and right now I could take on the world!

Babysitting and travel cash

I'm babysitting again. I fed them frankfurts and chocolate milk for dinner (that's what their mum left) and now have them occupied with Ben Ten - on a laptop. Their mum decided that they've been watching to much TV and so told them it was broken and now just let's them watch on the laptop so she can control there tv time. But taking the tv away from the babysitter is harsh in my book!

I'm trying to work out my travel money and the fees are such a pain. On my old cards I had a really good deal - but that account expired and it looks like they've really not got any deals anywhere near as good as what I had :/. The best thing seems to be just to use my normal card - which is fine right now, but if the Aussie dollar crashes again I will get screwed. Stupid banks.

I'm meeting with my work Monday morning to formalise exactly what I'm doing there - I'm not sure exactly how much work they have left for me. Which is really fine. The more money the better, but I am also kinda over it - and if they don't have work I'll go home and spend some more time with my folks and stuff. I really don't care either way.

I'm being so boring lately, but I'm just kinda focused on not spending money, and um losing a few kilos.

5 weeks max left of work! I know I've only just started back - but the grind really does grind on me.

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